Long Distance

Prepaid Long Distance combines the convenience of conventional long distance plans with the low rates and exibility of prepaid calling cards. No need to cancel or change any of your long distance or wireless services because InnSys Prepaid Service works as an alternative long distance solution to help you connect with friends and family worldwide for less money.

You can easily access the service from the convenience of your cell phone, home phone, office number or any other phone that provides access to the designated local access numbers

Irritated with entering a PIN number every time you make a calling card call? Register all your phone numbers including your cell phone number just once and our system will recognize the Caller ID of the phone numbers you register. With prepaid long distance, you never need to enter a PIN again

InnSys Prepaid Features and Benefits:

  1.     1ยข per minute for calls within North America
  2.     Low International Rates
  3.     No hidden charges (No monthly fees, connection or activation fees)
  4.     Recharge your account over the phone whenever you need
  5.     Online Account Management - Monitor all of your your usage and billing online
  6.     Portability - Use it at home, the office, on the road and from your cell phones
  7.     No PIN Required when calling from designated numbers

Long Distance Dialing Access Numbers

Toronto : 416-8000-477
Montreal : 514-228-1296
Ottawa : 613-8000-154

 Long Distance Rates



AfghanistanSee all ratesfrom $0.2751/minute
AlbaniaSee all ratesfrom $0.1975/minute
AlgeriaSee all ratesfrom $0.0796/minute
American SamoaSee all ratesfrom $0.0429/minute
AndorraSee all ratesfrom $0.0269/minute
AngolaSee all ratesfrom $0.0845/minute
AnguillaSee all ratesfrom $0.1449/minute
AntarcticaSee all ratesfrom $2.5395/minute
Antigua and BarbudaSee all ratesfrom $0.2339/minute
ArgentinaSee all ratesfrom $0.0116/minute
ArmeniaSee all ratesfrom $0.1712/minute
ArubaSee all ratesfrom $0.1200/minute
AscensionSee all ratesfrom $1.6000/minute
AustraliaSee all ratesfrom $0.0216/minute
Australia SatelliteSee all ratesfrom $2.4620/minute
AustriaSee all ratesfrom $0.0117/minute
AzerbaijanSee all ratesfrom $0.2897/minute
BahamasSee all ratesfrom $0.0667/minute
BahrainSee all ratesfrom $0.0636/minute
BangladeshSee all ratesfrom $0.0260/minute
BarbadosSee all ratesfrom $0.2437/minute
BelarusSee all ratesfrom $0.4472/minute
Belarus Special servicesSee all ratesfrom $1.6000/minute
BelgiumSee all ratesfrom $0.0225/minute
BelizeSee all ratesfrom $0.3060/minute
BeninSee all ratesfrom $0.3051/minute
BermudaSee all ratesfrom $0.0501/minute
BhutanSee all ratesfrom $0.0913/minute
BoliviaSee all ratesfrom $0.1359/minute
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSee all ratesfrom $0.1552/minute
BotswanaSee all ratesfrom $0.1046/minute
BrazilSee all ratesfrom $0.0160/minute